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The lushli app is not
just another keyboard

We built the lushli app to help you be brilliant at social media. The lushli app is intuitive to use. And comes with advanced features that will get you ahead of the curve. A.I., Insights from social networks, 1-Click best performing Hashtags, Spaces, and pre-written Caption Templates, to name a few. The lushli app is convenient, fast and useful— you’ll feel like you have social media superpowers.


You’re about to post after spending hours getting that perfect image. You want the caption to be perfect as well - the right selection of hashtags, spacing, and format. So what do you do?

Perhaps you keep everything in your head or painstakingly cut and paste from your notes.

The lushli app makes it simple. When posting, just search for relevant hashtags from our selection of best performing hashtag bundles or use your own pre-saved caption post.

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The lushli app brings you the 1-Click rule.

One-click to paste best performing hashtags per category.

One-click to add as many spaces as you want to your caption.

One-click and you are ready to post your pre-written caption.


We’ve harnessed the power of our data science team to give you pre-set bundles of the best performing hashtags per category. This is the same technology used in cutting edge BI research applied to help you maximize your post’s reach.

The lushli app will help you avoid being shadowbanned for overusing the same hashtags and maximize your organic growth across social.

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Be brilliant in social media

We’ve all seen them before. Misformatted captions. Unfortunate public mistakes. Regrettable posts.

No more! The lushli app gives you the ability to use pre-formatted captions, best of class hashtags, and increases your posting speed.

All with the goal to free you to focus on being your brilliant social self.